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5 axis CNC foam cutter

5 axis CNC foam cutter

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4 Axis CNC foam cutter and 5 Axis CNC foam cutter are used for cutting some special cone and spiral EPS shapes. It is widely used in decoration shape in the building , advertisement, lost foam mold etc. 

It is one of our featured and patented products.

4 Axis EPS cutting machine

4 Axis CNC Foam Cutter

5 axis CNC foam cutter

5 Axis CNC Foam Cutter

Main parameters:

Power:220V 50HZ 1PH

Cutting speed:300-500mm/min

Cutting precision:<1mm

Drawing software:CAD

EPS block size:3000x1200x1000mm

Machine dimension:3500X2200X2200mm

Machine feature

1. Our machine adopt Taiwan TBI ball screw gear and SBR guide rail. It has features of small resistance, high precision and longer service life. It is the best transmission part for machine tools. The mechanical precision is guaranteed within 0.05mm.(Not like other manufacturers’ chain and synchronous belt) The main frame adopts high strength aluminum alloy and it can never rust.

1.Using Genuine control system. Analog display device support to display coordinates of the cutting path for easy viewing and can record the current coordinate position. It also support the function of pause, emergency stop and automatic reset. If any unexpected circumstances happens, it can stop cutting.(This point is very important during cutting. Because if hot wire is broken, you can emergency stop first then after changing a new wire, you can continue cutting, so as not to waste material.) The software supports the nest function and can automatic typesetting to save material.

3. Electric parts adopts independent drive and power switch. It has the features of high precision, and motor power is of large power and low noise.(Not like other manufacturers’ integrated drive.)

4. China’s originate CNC software, it support 2-5 axis’ free conversion, and able to accurately cut the irregular surface and revolving solid.

5. Adopt stepless pressure technology to control the hot wire’s temperature more accurately for different density foam block.

6. We own our Proprietary intellectual property rights and have patent certificate.

7. Our professional software for foam cutting design only needs to draw a drawing and input the maximum outer dimension, then the software can automatic do the layout and create a cutting procedures to reach the most saving material condition. It can saving programming time and improve the working efficiency.

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