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The Difference Between Concrete Block and Cement


First, It's welcome to inquire about our products, There are various styles of blocks on the market right now. Today! I'm going to explain to you is the difference between cement and concrete block.

Common cement:

Common cement paint Its main feature is the construction for simple!

The disadvantage of the common cement: easy from ash and easy delamination.

Concrete block:

Cement is a cementitious material, And concrete block made of cement mixed with water form a stationary object through the main difference between cementitious materials and objects.

The advantage of concrete block:

1.Use construction waste or industry waste, save energy.

2.Raw material can be got easily.

3.Protect environment.

4.High tensile strength, Not afraid of water, resistance to weathering, corrosion, freezing and thawing.

For more understanding of the product is still constantly updated. Thanks for you attention!

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