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Technical Parameter of Gypsum Hollow Core Wall Panel


Today, I'd like to introduce the technical parameters of gypsum hollow core wall panel.

Gypsum hollow core wall panel


Length: 2400mm--3000mm

Width: 600mm

Thickness: 90mm,120mm

Technical requirement:

1. Apparent density: 550--620kg/m3

2. Surface density: 35--45kg/m2

3. Anti-shock performance: Can bear swing impact by 30kg sandbag and 0.5m drop, and doesn't appear through crack.

4. Single-point hanging force: Can bear single-point hanging force for 24h, does not appear through crack.

5. Air weighted transmission loss: 3--48dB

6. Fire resistance limit: 2.4--3.2h

7. Compressive strength: 4.6Mpa

8. The minimum thickness between hole and hole, hole and panel surface: Not less than 10mm

9. Bending failure load: Not less than 800N

Refer to the above parameter, you can judge whether gypsum hollow core wall panel is suitable for your project. If you require more detailed information, please write to sales@hbhscn.com, we'll be glad to help.

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