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Several Points About How to Select Horizontal Type Light Weight Wall Panel Machine?


We should pay attention to which points while we select the horizontal type light weight wall panel machine?

1. Working way for the light wall panel production line.

Here are two working ways. One is  by wall panel molding machine walking ,the other way is by
Mortar-pouring machine walking. This should be depending on we’ll use how many sets wall panel molding machine. If big quantity, we suggest to use wall panel molding machine for saving energy and workshop cost.

2.Wall panel molding machine is the main machine of the full light wall panel production line.
Usually one set wall panel molding machine can have different output designing, 10pcs/time, 15pcs/time, 20pcs/time. Different output, the steel plate thickness and spaces are also different . The stardard size for the wall panel is usually 3000mmx 600mm. The thickness are various, like 90mm,120mm,150mm.

While we select the main wall panel molding machine, we should pay attention to the thickness of the steel plate. If small thickness, after using some time, it will be deformed.That will lead the wall panel is not flat.

3.Heating methods.
Here are two heating ways. One is by electric heating system, we put electric heating system in each mold, the other way is by kiln. For energy-saving , most of customer use kiln heating.

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