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Scientific And Technological Innovation of Steel Structure Engineering


1. EPS hollow module is the use of computer automated production lines, according to the demand of construction module, energy efficiency standards, building construction and construction technology, through special equipment and high temperature vacuum to manufacture. It will used of EPS CNC cutting machine. It has uniform sintering, stable technical indicators and accurate geometry (± 0.2mm).

2. Abandoned the traditional construction techniques of the exterior wall retaining structure. EPS hollow module composite wall replace the traditional colored steel sandwich board wall. This not only get bright perception of interior, comfortable and external surface layer diversification, but also completely abolished the masonry walls, improve the insulation performance of the plant, speed up the construction speed and reduces the cost of the project to ensure the quality. This is the innovation and development of traditional steel sandwich panel walls.

3. Greatly improved impact resistance, durability and fire safety of composite wall, its fire resistance can be up to 1.3 hours.

EPS CNC Cutting Machine

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