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Introduction of Welded Wire Mesh


Welded wire mesh also called Insulation external wall wire mesh, galvanized welded mesh, steel reinforcing fabric, decoration netting, welded wire screen,anti-crack mesh.

Stainless steel welded wire mesh is welded with high quality stainless steel wire. It has features of acid-resisting, alkali-resisting, firm welding, beautiful and wide range of application, etc.

welded mesh machine

Different specifications of the welded wire mesh require different models of the welded wire mesh machine.

The minimum diameter of wire can be 0.3mm, aperture diameter can be 1/4 inch, for this small size welded wire mesh, we also called it as hardware cloth . The maximum wire diameter of steel bar reinforcing welded mesh can reach 12mm, aperture diameter can reach 10cm.

We are the earliest and most professional welded wire mesh machine factory in China to study and develop resistance welding , we can customize according to your different requirements, so if you are requiring welded wire mesh machine, please write to us by sales@hbhscn.com.

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