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How About Welded Mesh Machine's Performances?


Many people are requiring more detailed information about welded mesh machine, so today I'd like to give a introduction of how about welded mesh machine's performance.

hardware cloth welding machine

1. The key parts of the welded machine adopts imported components, such as electromagnetic valve, cylinder, SCR are all components that imported or produced by famous domestic plant. Control box is design and manufactured by SCM microcomputer integrated.

2. The machine is of box type structure with good rigidity, pneumatic pressure, adjustable pressure, flexible and reliable transmission.

3. The main circuit is controlled by SCR and the current is continuous and adjustable. What's more, it has the function of net voltage fluctuation compensation.

4. The controller has the switch of: pre-pressing, pre-heating and slowly rising, welding, pressure maintaining, quiescent time process control, current, single sopt welding and continuous welding selection.

5. The main transformer is poured by epoxy resin. The secondary of the transformer and the SCR together with electrode should be water-cooled.

6. Material that able to be welded: carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, coated steel, aluminum, copper, copper aloy, etc.

With the performance above, have you attracted by our welded mesh machine? If you have difficulty looking for quality welded mesh machine manufacturer, please write to us by sales@hbhscn.com.

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