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Features of Gypsum Wall Panel Machine


Gypsum wall panel uses building gypsum as raw material, adding water, mixing and pouring then get the light weight gypsum products. In the production process, allowed to add perlite, cement, sand, fly ash, slag etc, so that Gypsum wall panel can have sufficient mechanical strength.

Lightweight Hollow Core Wall Panel Machine

Gypsum wall panel mahcine has many features: Environment protection, energy saving, high strength, light weight, fireproof, soundproof, heat insulation, anti-seismic, is able to nail, saw, drill and hang, large block area, easy installation, no need to watering maintenance, can be exposured to the sun and easy management. Those are the features that other wall panel can't reach.

1. Safe: Good fire resistance.

Ultimate hydration products of gypsum is calcium sulfate dihydrate(CaSO4 2H2O). When there is a fire, only after two crystal water decomposition is complete, the temperature can continue to rise based on the decomposition temperature of 1400 ℃. A large amount of water vapor generated in the process of decomposition is also a barrier to the spread of the flame.

2. Comfort: Refers to its "warm" and "respiratory function"

The gypsum building materials' thermal conductivity is between 0.20 and 0.28 W/m.K, its average thermal conductivity is similar to that of the wood. The thermal conductivity of the material is small, the heat transfer rate is slow; on the contrary, the heat transfer rate is fast. Gypsum building materials and wood has similar thermal conductivity, which is the reason that many countries use a large number of gypsum building materials indoor.

3. Fast: Refers to gypsum building materials' fast production speed and high construction efficiency.

The solidification time of general building gypsum is between 30 and 6 minutes. Compared with cement products, its condensation hardening is faster.

With the features and advantages above, gypsum wall panel machine is definitely a good choice as building material. If you are interested in gypsum wall panel and want to find gypsum wall panel machine manufacturer, please write to us by sales@hbhscn.com.

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