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EPS Cement Sandwich Panel Production Line

EPS Cement Sandwich Panel Production Line

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EPS Cement sandwich panel production line

EPS cement sandwich panel production line consist of mixing system, EPS pre-expanding system, Cement micro-expanding system, automatic feeding system, core material mixing system, pouring system, mold forming carrier, molding circulation system, splitting system from mold.

The production capacity mainly depending on the quantity of the mould.

EPS cement sandwich panel production line consist of the following machines.

No. Product Name Type Use Qty
1 Twin shaft mixer JDC500
Mixing different raw material ,
choose Model No. according to 
production capacity requirement.
2 molding vehicle Overall dimension:4100*1800*3100
Rail distance:130M
Sandwich panel forming molding.
The mold qty should be 
according to output requirement.
3. EPS pre-expanding machine with bed dryer Model No.HS-960 Making EPS beads 1set
4 Steam Boiler and Steam tank 
Electric heating type,oil or natural
gas as raw fuel type.
Support steam for 
EPS pre-expanding machine.
5 Cement Foaming machine Overall Dimension:
Foaming the cement,reducing the weight 1set
6 Handcart
Transport the raw material 2set
7 Water pump 

Mixing the water. 2set
8 Hose pump
Transport the mixed-material 1set

Max flow rate:32,200 L/h
Flow rate:6.7L/rotation
Max pressure for the outlet:16ba
Inner dia for the hoseof pump:
Lubrication oil:20L 
to the automatic molding 
vechile for forming

9 Air compressor
Spray release agent 1set
10 Sandwich-panel disssembling machine
After forming, 
discharge the sandwich-panel 
from the machine

11 Liquid type Electric measure

Electric measure for powder-type material,
hopper for measurement

Installing machine tools

14 Forklift 

Loading panel, transport raw material.


1.What is the raw material for EPS/Calcium Silicate sandwich panel?

1)Main material: Calcium Silicate board, cement, EPS beads.

2)425# cement:approx USD52/ton

3)EPS grain :USD2.6/KG(new material); USD1.2/KG(recycling material)

4)Calcium Silicate board: APPROX USD4/PC for 1.22 * 2.44 * 5mm.

The above is just for your reference, should be depending of the price of your local.

2.What is the profit for this kind EPS Grain and Calcium Silicate board sandwich panel?

According to China market, the production cost is approx USD6.35/M2,and market price is USD12.5/M2(For 90mm Thickness)

3.How  much time does  it  take  for pouring one complete mould machine?

Approx 5 mins or so for one set mold machine.

4.Do we need vibrating after pouring?

According to our experience, we don’t suggest vibrating.

Because after vibrating, it will not uniform for the density. And vibrating is not good for the calcium silicate board.

5.How do we ensure that the slurry is well settled in the vertical moulding machine as there is no vibrator being used?

Pouring of concrete, it uses pump to input gradually, the core is voidless,no empty.

6.How long will it take from the pouring to the demolding?

It depends on the local temperature. For some hot place, it is 6-8hours/cycle;for some cold places, it will require 12 hours/cycle.

7.How do you open the mould after curing?
EPS Concrete Sandwich Panel Machine

8.How much is the curing time for the panels?

For the curing time, it usually takes one week after demolding from the mold machine.

9.How do you ensure that the calcium silicate board sticks properly to the concrete .Also as it gets wet , how its strength is ensured?

1).In the mortar ,we put not only cement and EPS granular, there are also some additive,like consturcion glue powder and HPMC.

The funtion of glue powder it is to add the viscosity of the mortar. The function of the HPMC is for add the strength of the panel.

2)Cement is silicate cement , and the calcium silicate board is also belong to silicate. 

3)So the calcium silicate board is easily stick properly to the concrete.

10.How can I get an effective price?

Tell us the specifications and the output required.

11. You provide which service for this project?

Raw material selection and formular

Workshop layout

Production line proposal

Installing machine and training workers

Guiding the production

Response in time for any problem

Sample house

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