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Detailed Introduction about EPS machine


EPS machine not means one set of machine, but many types of machine that related to EPS. So today I would like to give a detailed introduction of EPS machines.

1.EPS pre-expander: It can be divided into Batch type and Continual type EPS pre-expander.

2.EPS block molding machine: There are many types of EPS panel forming machine, generally can be divided into single door type, adjustable type, translational type, vertical type and oyster type panel forming machine.

3.Automatic EPS shape molding machine: It has SPZ100-200A/B type, SPZ100-200T type automatic forming machine and SPZ100-200E type energy saving and high efficiency automatic forming machine, SPZ100-200F series automatic forming machine of various models. It is mainly used in the manufacture of foam packaging of electrical equipement, foam boxes of fruit, vegetables, aquatic products and other types of packaging products.

4.EPS foam cutting machine: It adopts electric hot wire, specially used for cutting various shapes of foam products. It has A type, C type and 2D, 3D EPS foam cutting machine.

5.EPS recycling system: It consists of EPS foam crusher, EPS foam ball making machine and pelletizer. It is the device that make the waste foam into paticles in order to recycle.

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