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Daily Maintenance of Hydraulic Flatten Hole Punching Machine


Some users usually encounter a problem,that is , the Steel tube flattening hole punching machine will be faulty after use a period.They think the machine is not good. In fact, the quality and service life of the equipment is also related to daily maintenance.

steel tube flatten hole punching machine

So how to maintain and daily maintenance are very important.

1. First: The mold (die set  to flatten ,cut and hole puncing)position should be corrected regularly. After using a long time for the hydraulic hole punching machine,the position of the mold will be biased or loosened, resulting in the position of the punching hole not being allowed to run off.Therefore, the mold should be inspected regularly to reset and reinforce the mold that in question. Mold clamping must be accurate and robust, and the cutting edge of the mold must be kept sharp.

hydraulic hole punching machine

2. Check if  the transfer belt has major wear . A well-stabilized automatic hydraulic steel hole punching machine must be equipped with a qualified transfer belt.Especially after punching a workpiece with a large volume, weight and hardness, it is necessary to carefully check the transfer belt. If the belt is found to be desquamated or has significant  wear and tear, it needs to be replaced with a new one to ensure that the machine can operate smoothly.

3.It is necessary to regularly add some lubricant to the equipment.After a long time, the equipment will make a loud noise during operation. If you regularly add oil to each part, you can avoid wear and noise. However, it must be noted that each time you add lubricating oil, you must have an appropriate amount to play a role in lubrication.

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