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Construction Hoist's Structure


As a Construction Hoist leading brand and supplier in China,today let me explain the construction hoist’s structure.

It mainly includes:

1) Enclosure

Adopt galvanized punching plate, strong corrosion resistance and beautiful appearance.

2) Driven system

Gear using 20CrMnTi material, good wear resistance, long service life.Automatic lubricating device ensure that the rack and gear can be well lubricated.

3) Cable trolley

Cable drum, cab, fences and other small parts are galvanized before painting.

4) Power box

5) Guide rail

Material is Q345B high frequency welding pipe, high strength, good wearability and good straightness,ensure the flatness of the mast section of the construction hoist within 0.2mm,straighteness within 0.6mm(Alimak also use high frequency welding pipe).

6) Cable drum

7) Cable support arm

8) Wall tie

It is the connecting part between the guide frame and the building.

9) Hanger rod

10) Guardrail

Construction hoist structure drawing is as follows:

Construction Hoist Structure

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