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Attention points of using C purlin (C-channel) steel roll forming machine


1.Before using C-purlin steel roll forming machine , we should check if all the connections are in good condition?all the bolts ,nuts tightened? The lubrication oil is sufficient ? If all the above is done well, then start the machine , firstly empty commissioning, carefully observe  if it is with or without vibration, noise? Oil is ok? All parts of movement is coordinated? Everything is normal?
2.If all the above is in normal condition, then you can power off and  install the mold. Use hand to drive the motor belt or gear to make the working table indexing,highest the sliding seat.It is best to use an object supported between the table and the bottom of the carriage to prevent the carriage from falling, causing an accident.
3.This is our C-channel steel roll forming machine testing before leaving factory. https://youtu.be/QgNW_Dd_tac
If you are interested in it, pls write to me by sales@hbhscn.com   We must support you with best quality ,favourable price and good service!

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