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3D Panel House, Your Better Choice


EVG 3D panel house

Recently, one of our customers said they had a project in Africa, and wonder how to build the houses with less time and lower cost. We suggest him to build 3D panel house.

①Foam core for insulation

②Wire mesh on inside and outside

③Welded truss of wire cross pieces

④Sprayed concrete on both side (“shotcrete”)

EVG 3D panel production line

3D panel Production line (The whole process of producing 3D panel is completed by machine)

3D panel replaces the traditional reinforced concrete and bricks. It using recycled green products, not only saving constructing time and manual, but also save the cost.

If u are attracted by our 3D panel house, please contact us by sales@hbhscn.com. We will help you to customize an exclusive proposal.

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