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3D Panel Fence

3D Panel Fence

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3D panel fence

3D panel fence also named Climber Trellis Mesh, it is a three  dimensional galvanized welded wire trellis system. It consists of two  pcs of welded mesh on the top and bottom. Between the welded mesh, it is zig zag wire. Zig zag wire is welded to the welded mesh at an angle.


Wire diameter: 2.5-4.5mm

Opening : 2” x  2”

Thickness: 1.5” ,3”, 4”, 5” 

Width: 3’ ,  4’,  5’, 6’

Length: 8’


Small Gardens.

Indoor and Outdoor.

Large commercial sites (carparks, schools, walkways etc)

Both private and public sector.

Freeway barriers.

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Product: 3D Panel Fence
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