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Truss Girder Welding Machine

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Truss Girder Welding Machine

Truss Girder Welding Machine

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It is essentially a triangulated system of straight interconnected structural elements. The most common use of trusses is in buildings, where support to roofs, the floors and internal loading such as services and suspended ceilings, are readily provided.

Truss girder welding machine

Truss girder welding machine, also named lattice girder welding machine, truss girder welding line, or lattice girder welding line.

The auto production welding line with an integration functions of coiled bar feeding, rebar straightening, auto welding, sizing cutting off and finished products delivery. The machines have been extensively used in floor support plate preset in building, dual-block sleeper of fast train rail way etc.

Truss Girder Welding MachineTruss Girder Welding Machine

Truss girder welding machine has what features?

1. Stepping mechanism with high accuracy and easy adjustment is controlled by CNC servo motor.

2. Auto Pay-off unit can prevent unloading chaos.

3. Wire bending mechanism with high accuracy and good stability.

4. Auto aggregating unit can reduce the labor intensity and increase the productivity.

5. Computerized fault identification warning system is easy to maintain.

6. High accuracy auto supporting leg bending mechanism equipped on the rebar truss girder welding line.

7. Controlling system consist of Mitsubishi PLC, YASKAWA servo motor, and Schneider low voltage apparatus.

Main parameters for the truss girder welding line



Welding transformer capacity(KVA)


Other capacity(KW)


Rated voltage(volt)

380V 50Hz

Control voltage(volt)


Diameter of the wave bar(mm)


Diameter of the upper bar(mm)


Diameter of the bottom bar(mm)


Height of the truss girder(mm)

70-270(can be customized)

Width of the truss girder(mm)

60-80(can be customized)

Length of the truss girder(mm)


Web member pitch(mm)


 Section surface of power cable(mm copper core)(distance  

between power supply and equipment≤50m)


Contour size(m)


Total weight(kg)


Welding speed(m/min)


Welding pattern

pneumatic type

Controlling pattern

PLC+touch screen

Shearing pattern


Project for the 3D truss girder

3D Truss Girder Use

3D Truss Girder Use

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