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Roll forming machine used in greenhouse

Roll forming machine used in greenhouse

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We should use greenhouse hoop bending machine, tube reducer, Small C purlin machine and tube flatten and punching machine while we build one green house!

We give one-stop solution for these machine and greenhouse accessories!

Greenhouse hoop bending machine

Greenhouse Hoop Bending Machine


1. The bending program has 100 sets of memory capacity and 10 curves for each group.      


 2. Directly input the bending pipe processing parameters, and the machine can be automatically executed  when it is running automatically.  

 3. The memory storage time of the program and the bending program is unlimited, and the program will not be lost due to power failure or long-term non-use.

 4. While the machine is undergoing automatic processing, the controller can still input or edit the program.       

 5. The bending program can set the individual action of 0-3 at each machining step to improve the efficiency of work.             

6. Equipped with processing quantity and processing counting function.

 7. Adopt the absolute origin system, restart the machine after daily morning or rest, without complicated procedures, find the origin of each axis and immediately enter the work standby status.   

8. Suitable for bending: square pipe, round tube, elliptical tube, steel channel etc.

Machine Parameter










Max bending thickness




Production speed


10m/ min

Greenhouse Tube  Reducing machine

Greenhouse Tube Reducing Machine


Model No.:


Suitable tube diameter x wall thickness

5-45mm X 2.5mm

Working pressure


Machine size

1500 x 600 x1600mm




Special size can be made according to customers requirement.

The tube shrinkage is the forming process of the diameter of the tube billet. The tube billet is in the axial force to enter the deformation zone, and in the deformation zone, the plastic deformation of the shrinkage and contraction is generated, and then it enters the stable zone and eventually forms a reduced end diameter.

Greenhouse tube punching machine

Tube Hole Punching and Flattern Machine

This machine is multi-function by changing different mold to make tube end pressing and punching, tube end notching , tube punching etc. The working video ,kindly refer the link https://youtu.be/u9Ys9ofrYcY

Greenhouse C-purlin roll forming machine

Greenhouse C Purlin Machine


2)Main bearing dia:70mm ,material 45# steel

3)Roller material:Cr12

4)Suitable for 78mm width steel  plate

5)Hardness of roller(after vacuum hardening):HRC55-58

6)Power and Driver method:hydraulic motors,Chain sprocket feed

7)Main motor power:18.5kw


1. Hole punching device

1)Punching by Hydraulic cylinder pressing ,Computer control the distance of the hole

2)Suitable for 1.5-2mm thickness steel plate

Cutting mold material: Cr12


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Product: Roll forming machine used in greenhouse
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