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ICF Block Molding Machine

ICF Block Molding Machine

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ICF Block Molding Machine

1.Save 50% Energy and cycle time for you!

2.For the ICF block production, the insertion –putting system will be done by robot system!

ICF block molding machine

Technical data:

Particle foam materials offer a variety of designs and thus open a wide range of applications. Basically, we distinguish the production of EPS blocks in so-called block moulds and the production of shape mouldings of EPS in shape moulding machines. In the EPS shape moulding machine, the product receives its final shape, a comprehensive shape moulding machine programme provides a tailor-made solution for each application. our EPS shape moulding machines aim to provide maximum performance of EPS process.

1.Combined knowledge of European and Asian moulders.

2. The pressure regulated filling system of the machines ensures homogenously filled moulding parts, with the steam principle of “low pressure, large flow”, the pipe system is simple and effective.

3. The new developed hydraulic drive concept ensures the opening and closing of the moulding machine in a total and even way, fast, strong, and energy saving.

4. The vacuum system is equipped with the Liquid and condenser, unique isolated drainage system, drained water does not go through vacuum box anymore, saving much time and energy.

5. Unique material filling system, sensor controlled material filling container, evenly fill in thus low tolerance in density.

6. Low moisture contents, better energy saving, shorted cycle time, perfect stabilization of performance.

7.Optimized mould change, good moulds compatibility, saving customers’ costs in moulds. 

8.Large volume condenser with high efficiency for central and single vacuum

9. Solid steel construction with aluminum coated frame, processed by high temperature annealing, heat treatment, and imported CNC processing center. Surface de-rusted by sandblast and coated by zinc, sprayed by anticorrosive paint.

10. Modern communication interface/Machine control, continuously enhanced machine control platform.

11. The machine is made of quality steels, those guarantee a high long life. The long life steel construction is achieved by hot galvanization with afterwards cover-lacquering.

subject unit WB-CX1200 WB-CX1400 WB-CX1700 WB-CX1800
outline of mould mm 1230×980 1400×1200 1650×1350 1730×1530
max size of product mm 1060×810×
distance between mould mm 90-1560 90-1560 90-1560 90-1510
mold inter-locking strength T 25 25 45 45
steam system inlet size mm φ100 φ100 φ100 φ100
comsuption Kg/cycle

working pressure Mpa 0.5~0.8 0.5~0.8 0.5~0.8 0.5~0.8
cooling water inlet size mm φ65 φ65 φ65 φ65
consumption Kg/cycle

working pressure Mpa 0.2~0.5 0.2~0.5 0.2~0.5 0.2~0.5
temperature ℃ 0~32 0~32 0~32 0~32
compressed air inlet size mm φ40 φ40 φ40 φ40
consumption Kg/cycle

working pressure Mpa 0.6~0.8 0.6~0.8 0.6~0.8 0.6~0.8
material filling capacity m3 0.3-0.6 0.3-0.6 0.3-0.6 0.3-0.6
number of outlets Pc 24-48 24-48 24-48 24-48
outlet size mm 25 25 25 25
vacuum system pump drainage outlet mm φ65 φ65 φ65 φ65
vacuum box drainage outlet mm φ50 φ50 φ50 φ50
vacuum flow rate m3/h 280 280 280 280
electromotor KW 7.5 7.5 7.5 7.5
cycle time min/ cycle

drainage pipe mm φ100 φ100 φ100 φ100
motor for drainage KW 4 4 5.5 5.5
Overall size(L×W×H) mm









weight T 5 6.5 7.8 9

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