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EPS ingot Pelletizing Line

EPS ingot Pelletizing Line

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EPS foam pelletizer has the feature of reasonable design, high automation, advanced technology ,high efficienty and energy saving.It can directly produce pellets at normal temperature,no pollution. The pellets are bright and uniform, export to Japan and South Korea, has been widely praised by users.

The EPS ingot pelletizing line is composed by screw feeder,extruder,screen changer,water ring cutting system ,fan delivering and controlling system.

1.   Feeder 

   MaterialStainless Steel

   Silo capacity200L

   Feeding typeScrew feeding

   Capacity 400kg/h

   Feeding powerAC1.5kw

   Feeding controlInverter ABB



   Barrel, Screw material38CrMoAl

   Barrel configuration:Spiral slotting and forced water cooling in feed section

   Screw configuration:High efficiency exhaust and mixing 

   Central hight1200mm

   Screw diameter150mm


   Barrel heating7sets

   Barrel heating power48kw

   Barrel heaterCeramic heater

   Heater coverStainless conver

   Barrel fan cooling7×180w

   Screw rotation speed90rpm

   GearboxHigh efficiency hard tooth gearbox

   Driving power132kw with inverter

   Driver: Direct coupling of high efficiency coupling



Vacuum exhaust 1 set

   Vacuum pump3kw

   High efficiency exhaust to ensure material quality

   Exhaust form: vacuum water filtration

   Vacuum chamber: special design

   Vacuum cover: aluminum alloy

   Vacuum tube: high temperature and high pressure rubber tube 

     Vacuum exhaust

4.Screen Changer

Model: Phi 250 single plate

Filter area: circle (phi 250) mm

Under maximum pressure melt: less than 20Mpa

Filter screen: double station

Double station mobile speed: less than 2 seconds

Material: 38CrMoAl

Heating power: 16KW

2 high pressure oil pipe   

Screen changer

5. water ring mold

Mold material: 40Cr

Template material: 38CrMoAl

Discharge hole: 3 X 48

Heating power: 6kw

Special heating of template core

Cover material of water ring cover: aluminum alloy

6. water ring cutting system

water ring cutting system

Water ring cover material: stainless steel

Water circulation pump: 4kw

Granulating motor: 3kw

Number of cutters: 4

Grain cutting control: ABB variable frequency speed regulation

Movement of water ring: roller movement

2, tank + water tank

Water tank and water tank material: stainless steel

Water level control: automatic high water level overflow

3. Centrifuge dehydrator

Dehydrator material: stainless steel

Power of the dehydrator: 3kw

Speed: 1480rpm

Special design of dehydrated rotor and blade

Special design of dehumidification fan

Couplings: Lovejoy, USA

Bearing: SealMaster, USA

water ring cutting system

7.Fan delivery system

8. Electric controlling sytem

EPS ingot pelletizer working video

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Product: EPS ingot Pelletizing Line
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