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EPS CNC Router

EPS CNC Router

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EPS CNC router is also called styrofoam CNC carving machine or Styrofoam CNC router. It is a professional CNC equipment to process EPS statue, EPS decorations and so many irregular shapes.

EPS CNC Router Introduction

1.Our Styrofoam CNC Router using imported control system function of processing time prediction, Power outage memory, Power outage continued carving as well as the function of Intelligent processing cross-border protection function, so it can effectively prevent the over processing caused by mechanical collision.

2.EPS CNC router’s main parts adopts world famous brands, such as Italy imported spindle, Taiwan imported large size ball screw, Taiwan imported high precision liner guide rail, Japan imported Servo motor and drive and control system. The application of these high end components can ensure the accuracy, speed and efficiency of the CNC router.

3.Automatic lubrication system, independent cabinet, T slot table.

4.Our CNC router adopts exclusive X axis back type triangle structure installation technology. Triangular structure guide rail can greatly reduce the resonance of Z axis, reduce the wear of the guide rail, and can improve the guide line’s service life as well as the working precision.

EPS CNC Router advantages

1. The body of Styrofoam CNC carving machine is solid and not easy to deformation. It is of good rigidity, high precision, reliable performance and very durable.

2. Styrofoam CNC carving machine adopt imported high precision ball screw, stable operation, to insure the machine body's high accuracy.

3. Our Foam CNC router adopt Domestic famous brand water cooling spindle with low noise and high cutting force so that can ensure the long time and batch processing.

4. The CNC router is of good overall structure, to ensure the long service life.

5. The application of high performance drive can ensure the EPS CNC router's high speed and minimize the failure rate.

6. With the excellent electromechanical design and quality electrical accessories, to reduce the failure rate.

Parameters of CNC Router

Different shapes engraved by CNC Router

EPS decoration by EPS CNC router

How I can get effective quotation?

1.Please tell us what's your max working area(L*W*H)?

2.Please tell us what material will be engraved or cutted?

3.Please tell us what kind of product do you want to get after engraved? Flat or 3D?

Note:Above three answers will help us choose suitable CNC Router for you, and then provide the effective quotation to you at the first time.


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