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Container House

Container House

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What is Container House?

Container House

Container house, we also can call it container mobile house, container home, residential containers. 

Container house means transforming the container into a house which has windows and doors. These container houses are commonly used in construction sites as the workers' dormitories. Also, some people use container houses as rental houses. Thus, container house also called living container.

The Classification of Container House

According to the structure of the container, container house can be divided into 3 types. The first type is transformed by traditional container. The second type is newly welding container house. The third type is detachable container house.

1.The first type of transformed traditional container house is the reuse of abandoned container. Its characteristics are very firm, being able to bear the great pressure.

2.The second type of newly welding container house is the popular living container in recent years. Due to its technology is very close to the first type, so it also known as container mobile house. This type of container house's technical standards is lower than the container, so it cost less, and its service life is more than ten years. It's features are convenient transportation, installation and movement as well as higher return rate on investment and wide range of using.

3.The third type of detachable container house is between the prefab house and container house. It mainly adopts the modular production technology. Module a container into the standard parts, then assemble the parts at site when needed to use. It can speed up the assemble and disassemble, and also can reduce the cost of transportation.

The Sizes of Container House

We have different types container houses for different use including two main house: one is 5.8M*2.25M which can be packed in a 40 feet container with 8 sets, another one is 6M*2.4M which can be packed in a 40 feet container with 6 sets. 

The Applications of Container House

1.The high demand of temporary construction at construction site, such as project manager's office or accommodation rooms, meeting rooms, etc.

2.Construction site is limited by site, only container type combined house can be installed.

3.Field operation house, such as field exploration and construction mobile offices and accommodations, etc.

4.Emergency room, such as military mobile command center, emergency mobile command center, disaster relief mobile command center, etc.

Whole hanging type houses has strong adaptability to environment and very easy to install on-site. It also an be used as high-grade temporary office , accommodation, the overall kitchen, bathroom and other purpose.

Different Usage Has Different Design

Steel Structure HouseSteel Structure House

Prefab House

Different use, the designing are also various. Usually the style and use are as follows:

1.Office : Can put high quality furniture.

2.Kitchen: With cabinet and cooking appliances.

3.Toilet: One 20' container house can include 6 small rooms.

4.Worker's dorm: Container house can be joined or double layer. One 20'container house can be designed with toilet in the middle, or can be with toilet on the side.

5.Classroom: We can join the container house to make sure enough space to make the classroom bright and spacious.

6.Military house: as office or dorm for military house.

7.Public shower room: one 20' container house can include 6 small rooms.

The Advantages of Container House

1.Durable: Full steel materials, quake-proof, waterproof, windproof, fire proof, corrosion and acid resistance, no rust and crack. Its service life can be more than 20 years.

2.Environmental protection and energy saving: The interior has a frame. The wall uses steel plate, and can use wooden veneer. During using, it doesn't produce any garbage, so it's very environmental protection and energy saving.

3.Flexible combination: can use a large number of containers to arbitrarily combined into different shapes different sizes of staff dorms, management office, temporary meeting room, kitchens, bathroom, etc.

4.Easy to assemble and disassemble: As a whole frame, container can be transported to the destination with a crane quickly. Lifting at site, and can come into use in the same day. The disassemble is more simple, because it can be lifted directly, and the all living appliances inside can be lifting together.

5.Convenient mobile: The container house is light weight, and can be overall lifting to any where at any time you want.

6.Quick installation: Short manufacturing period and free of foundation.

7.Aesthetics: Outer wall can do various of modeling design, so it has beautiful appearance.

8.Low cost: Low cost and high quality.

9.Strong bearing capacity: Container has strong bearing capacity, so it's no problem to stack several container house together.

Various Types of Container House Pictures

Container House

Double Layer Container House

Drawings of Container House

Container House Layout Drawing

What services can we provide?

According to the function of house, we design four kinds of house: personal use, selling, living and temporary rest. From Britain, North America, Zimbabwe, India, every customer has been satisfied with our products of container house series with great quality and after-service. Quotations and schemes will be provided as soon as we receive your detailed inquiry including size, function, layers or design. Container house we provide can be decorated with all kinds of colors and floors such as ceramic tile, wood and others. Every client would like to design house by their own or us are both available.

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